Case File Phantom – 1st in Series

In this mystery fiction novel, Georgia Richards lost hope of ever seeing her husband again since he disappeared over a year ago.  On a Saturday afternoon, she thought she saw him at a play; on stage at the Oaksdale Playhouse.  But, Georgia didn’t have the courage to find out if it was really him.  Constance McCauley was empathetic to Georgia’s faint of heart and decided to offer her investigation services to find the true identity of this mysterious man.  Would Constance be able to track down Georgia’s estranged husband?  If he was found, why had he been missing for over a year?  As Constance pursued this case with a combination of faith and persistence, she witnessed the power of forgiveness unfold before her eyes.


Case File Summer – 2nd in Series

This was not the summer that Clara had hoped for.  When she met Niko, she felt free.  But, his past started to catch up with him and she didn’t know what to believe.  Would detective Constance be able to uncover the truth about Niko before it was too late?  Follow author Dana Ford as she writes her second novel from the C. McCauley Case Files series – Case Summer.

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Case File Summer
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