What Is The Right Time To Buy A Mattress In 2020?

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Do you think that the time of the year would matter while purchasing a new mattress? Well, as a matter of fact, it does; those of you who understand the concept of seasons in business can clearly understand my point.

Why Consider Time While Purchasing A New Mattress?

As many of you would be thinking about “how to link these two,” so here are a few obvious points that can fairly convince you to consider time while buying a new mattress.

  • The time of the year can play a decisive role in deciding the cost of a new mattress; even the best mattresses like the memory foam mattress medium firm will be available at an incredibly affordable rate.
  • You get better options to choose from, as several mattress manufacturing companies are ready to sell their best product; it is the best time to pick your favorite mattress.
  • As there is a high competition among mattress manufacturing companies, you know a lot about mattresses and their types through their marketing and product awareness campaigns.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Mattress?

There is no fixed average price for a mattress as the price will fluctuate, depending upon several reasons, like production cost, type of the mattress, and reliability.

But to get an idea, it will be safe to say that the price of a regular mattress would be between $800 to $900; in some cases, it can be as high as $1200 when you are buying the memory form mattress.

The Best Time To Buy A Mattress.

There are almost three times in a year when you can buy the best mattress at an affordable rate, but in each season, you will get a different product.

So, it is important to understand what season to choose and why? And then analyze if that season is going to give you the mattress you want.

1.      Choose May For Old Trends.

If buying an old/ last year model is acceptable for you, May is the best time to buy a mattress.

Why is that so? In May, manufacturers tend to clear all the old stuff, as they are thinking of launching the brand new products in August and September.

Along with this, if you have noticed, May is the time when a lot of brands, including the mattress selling brands, put on an off-season sale to welcome the upcoming summer season.

2.      Holiday Seasons

Long holidays when people have enough time to think about their house and family, is the most suitable time for the sellers to tempt the customers with some fantastic sales.

The following are the holidays when you can buy the finest mattresses.

·         Independence Days

Independence days are marked with a great portrayal of patriotism, and naturally, people consider local markets making it an opportunity for the sellers. Thus, sellers try to entice buyers by offering big discounts. Say if you are in America, then 4th July would be a suitable day to buy the desired mattress in an affordable range.

·         Cultural And Social Holidays

Events like Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and others are also an opportunity for sellers and buyers.

The Conclusion

Holidays and the end of a season, especially the winters are the most suitable times to buy a mattress; even if we consider the current situation of the global pandemic, this lock-down period can also prove to be an appropriate time to buy a mattress on a discount.